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13. November 2016
Our best wishes go to Professor Italo Eneas Cardenas Zuin, Leader at Ares BJJ Peru, for his Black Belt. Congratulations from Ares BJJ Luxembourg. For information about Ares BJJ Peru, visit their Facebook Page.

10. November 2016
Congratulations to Professor Osvaldo "Queixinho" and Professor Samir Chantre for the 1st and 2nd Place at the 2016 IBJJF No Gi Worlds - Feather weight division, as well as to Professor Milton Bastos for the 3rd Place in the light Feather weight division. And of course the numerous other Ares BJJ Athletes, like Professor Paul Nava, 2nd Place in the Master 4 - Heavy weight and 3rd Place in the Open Class, ... Thanks to their amazing Team results, Ares BJJ Association made the 7th place in the...