Code of Conduct


A Dojo is more than a simple « Place where you can train ». It is a place where you cultivate body and mind. A place where you learn to fight, having as goal to never have to do it. A place where you share.


With this in Mind, one has to follow a code of conduct.


Ignoring the code of conduct will lead to a disciplinary council.


The rules that one (Students and Visitors) has to respect:

  • Always be respectful!
  • Address all Black Belt Instructors as Professor!
  • Address all Instructors under Black Belt as Coach!
  • No foul language!
  • If you are late for class, wait outside the Mat until the Instructor gives you the permission to join!
  • Don’t leave the Mat during Class without permission of the Instructor!
  • When the Instructor is teaching, Students must stand or sit in a good position!
  • Talking during Class should be kept to a minimum during teaching and practising!
  • All Students and Visitors must wear a clean Gi with no other School or Affiliation patches!
  • Always wear Shoes or Sandals when you are off the Mat!
  • If your Feet are dirty, clean them before stepping on the Mat!
  • No nude Torso inside the Dojo!
  • All Jewelry, Piercings, Necklaces and other accessories have to be removed for Training!
  • Keep Fingernails and Toenails neatly trimmed!
  • Shoes, Food, Drinks, Electronics and other items that are unrelated to Training are strictly prohibited on the Mats!
  • Be humble!


General Behavior Rules


Never forget that you are representing your Academy with your acts. Even on a daily basis and during an exchange with external people.


If you are well-behaved people will know you as the “Jiu Jitsu guy from this Academy”, and so you contribute to the good image of your Academy.


 On the other hand, if you have a foul behaviour, people will know you as “The guy from this Jiu Jitsu Academy who behaves badly and foul”. So you will harm the reputation of your Academy, as well as the image of Martial Arts generally.



Miketo Resch & David Strotz

Head Coaches