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 Tuesday 19.00-20.30 BJJ Adults All Levels
Thursday 19.00-20.30 BJJ Adults All Levels
Friday 06.00-07.00 Early Morning Rolling
Saturday 10.30-12.00 BJJ Kids (7+)
Sunday 08.30-09.30 OG - Catch Wrestling
  09.30-11.00 BJJ Adults All Levels

Specialty classes

Our goal being the evolution of our Members, we offer a variety of "specialty classes" in our schedule.

Thus, we will introduce in a near future topic classes, covering Self Defence, Takedowns and others.


Stay connected.

Where to find us

ALMA Academy

7, rue Théodore Thiel

L-3573 Dudelange

Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg


Mike Resch - Head Coach

  • BJJ Brown Belt 4 Stripes
  • Catch Wrestling Representative Coach

David Strotz - Head Coach

  • BJJ Brown Belt 4 Stripes

Alex Carvalho Balsa - Assistant Coach / Kids Coach

  • BJJ Purple Belt 4 Stripes

Dany Da Costa - Assistant Coach

  • Blue Belt 2 Stripes

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